Our Team

Donald Bodnar

CEO and CFO, Axiom Group

Donald Bodnar founded Axiom Group in 1993 and Axiom Group International in 2003. Axiom Group and Axiom International provide technical engineering, support, project management and market data services to financial trading floors in the United States and Europe. Donald became a founding partner in Axiom Education in order to provide his understanding of international business management and to leverage synergies between the other Axiom companies and the insurance, tax, legal and accounting structures already in place. Donald brings a wealth of operational management experience to the team, including domestic and international contract management, tax law, accounting and vendor management.

Curt Naser

Founder, Axiom Education

Curt Naser is a co-founder of Axiom Education and the creator of Mentor. Curt has spent over 25 years working with Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) as a bioethicist, serving on three IRBs (biomedical, corporate and social science) and is the chair of one IRB. He has served as a faculty co-chair for NEASC accreditation and worked intensively with a number of institutions on faculty reporting, assessment and accreditation. He has consulted with dozens of institutions on IRB’s and academic institutional research on their practices as well as implementation of the Mentor system. As Chief Product Officer, Curt manages the development, implementation and support teams for Axiom Mentor. He received his Ph.D. from Stony Brook University in Philosophy and currently teaches a health care ethics course at Fairfield University each semester.

    Paul Elliot

    Vice President - Sales and Marketing

    Paul Elliot has over 30 years of experience as a sales and marketing executive at both startups and global institutions. Paul is passionate about the success of our customers and enjoys working with them to think differently about technology options. Paul received his undergraduate degree from Minnesota State University and his MBA from Wake Forest University.