Exemption Verification

Exemption Verification

Professional protocol determination just got faster, easier, and more affordable.

With Mentor’s Exemption Verification Service (EVS), you can simply submit a protocol using our online template and one of our qualified research administration professionals will provide an exemption determination within 24 hours.

It’s easy.  The step is to have your PI’s submit their exempt protocols and then Axiom will:

  • Customize the Mentor IRB system for your institution in accordance with your exemption policies
  • Issue a determination letter
    • Letter can be returned to the PI with copy to the IRB Administrator/Chair or only to the IRB administrator who then forwards it to the PI
  • Review consent forms for exempt protocols
  • Refer back to the IRB administrator any protocols that do not meet the exemption categories, including a full explanation

A Trusted and Knowledgeable Partner

Our experienced and professional research compliance review specialists have the knowledge and best practices to support our clients with impeccable service levels and responsiveness.

  • Entirely U.S. based compliance support services
  • Rapid determination reduces wait times and improves researcher satisfaction
  • Low per-review cost
  • Rapid routing based on client policies and procedures
  • Multi-level support for increased efficiency
  • Quality review to monitor review specialist accuracy and engagement

When researchers work within an efficient, effective and supportive compliance program your institution wins with happy researchers, full regulatory compliance, and rapid award-to-payment for grants.


How long does it take to review a protocol?

We start review of the protocol by the next business day. If all is in order, we issue the determination. If revisions are required, then the time will depend upon the PI. We review revisions submitted by the PI by the next business day.

Who actually reviews our exempt protocols?

We have a staff of seasoned IRB professionals who provide this service. They are current and former IRB administrators and support staff with a broad range of experience in reviewer protocols, from basic social science to complex clinical trials.

The reviewer assigned to any given protocol is named on the protocol and you or the PI may contact the reviewer when you have questions. If you like, you can even be copied on all communications.

Can Mentor send emails through our email system (so they don’t get marked as spam)?

Yes, Mentor can be setup to send all email notifications through your email system, or Mentor can send out emails from our own email server.

Does Mentor EVS retain copies of the protocols it reviews?

Yes, all protocols submitted to your instance of the Mentor system for exemption verification are stored in Mentor for the duration of our contract with you.

  • Non-exempt protocols also remain in the Mentor system
  • All protocols in the Mentor system can be easily downloaded back to the client institution. Also included is “print/zip” function that prints the Mentor pages relating to the protocol (including all protocol communications) to PDF, creates a zip archive file with the PDF and all uploaded documents, and sends the zip file to the browser. Two clicks and you have the complete package.
  • How do PI’s get access to the Mentor EVS system?Mentor can be integrated with your institution’s single sign-on system or Mentor has a simple sign-up form where your PIs can create a user account. If your organization issues email addresses, then we can automatically allow any user with your institutional email address domain to create an account and submit a protocol.
    Does the IRB Chair or Administrator get access to Mentor EVS protocols?Yes, we will provide as many administrator user accounts to your Mentor EVS instance that you need. Any administrator can access any protocol within your institution’s instance.
    Does Mentor EVS have to be installed on our servers?No, the Mentor EVS system is Software as a Service (SaaS). We host Mentor in Amazon Web Services (Amazon Cloud). We manage all aspects of the software.The only involvement of your IT department is integration with single sign-on, if that is the choice you make in setting up the Mentor system. Single sign-on integration can be added at any time.
    If we like the Mentor IRB software service, can we use Mentor for our reviews of expedited and full board protocols?YES! If you wish to convert to licensing the Mentor software for your IRB’s use, we have two options: IRB Lite and Full IRB. Please see FAQ’S: Pricing for more information.

What are the costs of the Mentor EVS system?

  • $50 for exemption determination only
  • $50 for each consent form reviewed for each protocol.
  • $100 for Spanish-language consent forms if you want them reviewed by a translator/interpreter

There are no charges to set your Mentor EVS instance up. It will be branded with your institution’s logo. If you wish to integrate Mentor EVS with your institution’s single sign-on system (and create user accounts automatically on first login), there is a $1500 setup fee.

What are the costs for Mentor IRB?

  1. Pricing for Full IRB and IRB Lite is based on the total number of new protocols approved in a given year
    • Full IRB: $40/protocol with a $6000/year minimum – up to 150 protocols per year
    • IRB Lite: Minimum starts at $2500 for up to 50 new protocols/year. IRB Lite has fewer features available, but features can be added at a cost $500 per feature. Features include:
      • Protocol Messaging
      • Faculty Advisor/Supervisor Approval of Student Protocols Workflow
      • Customizable Forms
      • Department Chair and/or Administrator Approval
      • DSMB Reporting; Protocol Deviations Reporting
      • Meeting Agenda & Minutes; Investigator Certification Tracking + CITI Integration
      • Assigned Reviewer System; Research Coordinator Support

Axiom Education offers unsurpassed support services with equal access to all clients, regardless of size or budget.

We provide support to all users via our Contact Support system. Help requests are usually answered within hours and guaranteed by the next day.

Our support team is available:

Phone: (888) 801-8183

Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET.

Email: info@axiom-mentor.com 24/7

We can also arrange to assist via Skype or GoToMeeting as necessary.

Mentor integrates with Banner, PeopleSoft, Datatel, etc. for populating Internship Management user accounts and supports single sign-on with LDAP, Active Directory, CAS and Shibboleth.

Mentor’s Internship Management is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Axiom Education hosts the full Mentor platform in the Amazon Web Services, eliminating the need for our clients to support their own IT infrastructure and making implementation a breeze. We manage all aspects of the Mentor system: security, backups, disaster recovery, OS upgrades and application upgrades.