Approve a New Software Purchase

The primary obstacle to installing new software is usually not the installation process itself, but rather the challenge of convincing decision makers to approve the software purchase.

Your ability to earn the support of administrators depends upon how well you outline the benefits and convey that new software is necessary to maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

So we’ve outlined seven important steps to help you convince hospital or university administrators to approve a new software purchase.

1) Clearly highlight the key reasons why the software is needed

When you approach your boss, it’s important to properly frame your pitch. Using the word “need” instead of “want” should be an essential part of your proposal.

Highlight the reasons why your organization needs the software to continue to grow and thrive in a competitive industry. Examples include the following:

  • Industry reputation: “Our university is one of three learning institutions in the tri-state region that offers an international public administration program. Unfortunately, we have steadily lost applicants to our two competitors because they have invested in sought after software upgrades that we lack.”
  • Financial repercussions: “Attempting to run a state-of-the-art hospital without the proper software is costing us time and patients. Without implementing new software, we can expect a revenue loss of approximately $750,000 per quarter.”

2) Outline the peripheral benefits of software implementation

After stating why new software is essential to your organization’s continued success, you can present some of the ways that new software will make life at work more convenient and pleasant. Examples of peripheral benefits include:

  • Improved organizational efficiency
  • Elevated industry credibility
  • Enhanced process management

3) Calculate the estimated ROI for implementing the software

When getting your boss to approve a new software purchase, approaching them with a pitch that does not include an estimated return on investment (ROI) might do more harm than good.

Therefore, make sure you know the total cost of the software and the resources required for implementation. Do your best to present specific figures and avoid the temptation to speak in general terms.

Your boss will want to know exactly how your organization will benefit financially by implementing new software.

4) Provide administrators with a simple summary of how the process will unfold

Your boss and other administrators will be more likely to approve a new software purchase if they know how the implementation process will unfold. You can increase their comfort level with a free software demo and by making them aware of the following details:

  • The length of time required to install the software
  • How various departments will be impacted by the new software
  • The total cost of the implementation and payment due date

5) Supply a list of competitors who are prospering with similar software

Losing top students to competing universities or hospitals is a major source of frustration for administrators. Accordingly, one of the best ways to secure the approval of key administrators is to cite specific examples of opportunities that were lost because your organization lacks cutting-edge software or technology.

6) Be prepared to handle objections

Also, anticipating objections and knowing how to counter them is essential to securing the buy-in of decision-makers. In particular, you must be prepared to respond to claims that new software is not a necessity for your hospital or university. Here is an example of a potential objection along with an effective response:

Objection: “Our university is on a tight budget and new software is a luxury that we cannot afford.”

Response: “The cost of software pales in comparison to the estimated $700,000 we will lose if we do not increase our efficiency.”

7) Tell administrators that you need their full support

You should conclude your proposal to administrators with a clear appeal for their support. Summarize the reasons why new software is necessary for your hospital or university to remain a step ahead of the competition. Then be sure to follow up on a regular basis after your presentation in an effort to secure the purchase!

Take the Steps to Convince Your Boss to Approve a New Software Purchase

The benefits of using new research compliance software are compelling considering the increased savings in cost and time, better productivity, and easy implementation. The key is persuading your boss of how this system gives your institution the slight edge in conducting overall research more efficiently. So, use these steps to begin the process to position your institution for long-term success!